Centricity Systems and BayTech Services Form Strategic Partnership To Lower Cost Of Software Projects For Start-ups and SMBs.
Partnership Addresses Start-up/SMB Needs To Manage and Implement Full Lifecycle Product and Application Development and Integration At Lower Costs Without Compromising Quality.

Boston, MA - May 26, 2010 - The desire of Start-ups and SMBs to lower the cost of product and application development and integration took a significant step toward reality as Centricity Systems, a independent consulting firm specializing in business process and efficient use of information technology, and BayTech Services, a software development and integration company, announced a strategic partnership based on a shared vision to raise the quality and success of product implementations and integrations while lowering the cost to deliver.

The partnership underscores the critical need by Start-ups and Small/Medium Businesses trying to develop new products or implement innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency while managing the high cost of development that commonly prevents projects from starting and can severely impact ongoing operating costs and margins.

Centricity Systems' consulting practice focuses on helping companies identify and solve complex business processes and implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM, ERP, and NetSuiteŽ solutions to achieve ongoing operational efficiency and scalability. BayTech Services provides project management, software integration and development, with experienced U.S.-based project managers and a seasoned off-shore development team. Together, the two companies will offer full lifecycle product development and integration services that include, process analysis, design, project management, integration, development, testing, training, documentation, and support.

Commenting on the partnership, Arun Jain, President of BayTech Services said: "For any project to successfully deliver meaningful results to its users it is critical for the project team to clearly understand the business challenges and needs from all perspectives and levels of the business. Unfortunately, many companies perform only a cursory effort in this respect, which often leads to poor results or project failure. Centricity Systems' provides this critical expertise, which when combined with our development and project management services, allows a project to be correctly designed and implemented with less iterations, faster, and at a lower cost."

"Customization and integration of on-premise and SaaS-based solutions is an ongoing requirement for virtually every company we engage with today -- large or small", said Steve Larsen, Managing Partner of Centricity Systems. "BayTech's high-quality U.S.-based project management and off-shore development resources allow us to expand our services to include project management and integration, and effectively deliver full lifecycle development and management that provides a cohesive team of project-related expertise that can deliver the right solutions to our customers, at the right scale, without costing them a fortune."

For more information, contact Centricity Systems at +1.603.589.8473 or through the web at www.centricitysystems.com.

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About Centricity Systems

Based outside of Boston, MA, Centricity Systems is an independent consulting firm specializing in helping clients in the effective use of Business Process and Information Technology to identify and solve complex problems, improve operations, and implement streamlined efficiencies in a cost-conscious manner.

Centricity Systems offers deep industry expertise with broad business operations know-how to provide unparalleled experience and perspective in executing and delivering the highest value and return for clients on every engagement.

The company was founded in 2002 from a long list of successful results spanning more than 25 years working with start-ups, SMBs, and global enterprises, defining, implementing, and managing complex business processes, innovative web-based commerce, and customer-focused CRM, Services, and ERP solutions that help companies scale with growth and drive efficiency, performance, and shareholder value.


About BayTech Services

BayTech Services, originally formed in 2005 as Bay State Documentation, provides a broad range of development services that help transform a company's vision into winning products - quickly and cost effectively. BayTech Services offers expertise and resources in all phases of software development, integration, quality assurance, and technical documentation, whether augmenting a customer's in-house team for short-term projects or providing experienced resources for long-term needs.

BayTech Services has a long and successful track record delivering high-quality solutions that save customers 50% or more over traditional development projects. Its unique combination of U.S.-based project management and offshore development resources, aligned specifically to each customer's individual project needs, are measured and managed to achieve timely and successful results every time.



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