Centricity Systems Announces New Services For NetSuite On-Demand Business Solutions.
New NetSuite Implementation Services Help Companies Quickly and Successfully Plan, Deploy, Train, Integrate, and Customize their NetSuite Solution.

Boston, MA - June 21, 2009 - Centricity Systems, an independent consulting firm specializing in helping clients in the effective use of Process and Information Technology to improve operations and performance in a cost-conscious manner, announced today the addition of two services for NetSuite on-demand users. The new services, "NetSuite JumpStart Service" and "NetSuite Consulting Services", help customers successfully initiate and manage the complex process of implementing, customizing, and integrating NetSuite into their business and user environment.

"NetSuite is a new breed of on-demand business solution that can be implemented in a relatively short time compared to traditional ERP-type solutions", said Steve Larsen, President of Centricity Systems. "Yet too often companies either under-estimate or simply are unaware of the extensive effort required in setting up the system, formalizing processes, managing the implementation, training people, and adjusting the solution to fit their unique needs. That's where we can help."

The NetSuite services offer companies the needed expertise to confidently and successfully execute and deploy NetSuite across their organizations faster while ensuring that the appropriate processes, roles, and security are properly configured and implemented, saving customers from the typical learning curve pains and mistakes that can commonly occur.

The NetSuite JumpStart Service is for companies who are ready to implement but lack the resources, time, or knowledge of the NetSuite environment to move forward quickly and confidently. Centricity Systems will setup the basic system, work out the initial 'must-have' processes that need to be in place, and provide training to administrators and users, so client's can start using and benefiting from the solution quickly.

Centricity Systems' NetSuite Consulting Services is designed to complement the skills that already exist in the company and allow clients to 'pick and choose' the level of services they need based on their budget, situation, and requirements. Consulting Services can be provided for virtually any situation - from full-scale turnkey implementation, to planning and deployment, training, customization, support, and integration with other systems.

For more information, download the NetSuite Implementation Services data sheet or contact Centricity Systems at +1.603.589.8473 or through the web at www.centricitysystems.com.

NOTE: NetSuite and the NetSuite logo are registered service marks of NetSuite Inc. For more information about NetSuite Inc., please visit www.netsuite.com.

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