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Focusing on Pain-Points: Does Your Web Site Say Customer-Centric?

With today's companies transforming themselves from product-centric to customer-centric and mantras like "360 degree view of the customer", "co-creation", and "customer value", the one thing often forgotten in this transformation is the company's web site. Does your web site say customer-centric?

Here are three great tips to test your web site's customer-centric perspective.

  1. Products versus Solutions.Product-centric companies sell products and services. Customers need solutions. If you still identify "Products" and "Services" on your site as your primary navigation, you're still product-centric.

    Design your navigation around the common customer pain-points your products and services solve. By promoting your company as product-centric, you effectively market your offering as a comparative commodity where price is the negotiating factor rather than value.

  2. Get to the Point. Companies like to hear themselves talk. Customers are looking for specific answers. Don't smother a potential customer with reams of superfluous marketing and technical collateral.

    There is only a small amount of information that customers are really looking for. By focusing on the common customer pain-points that your products/services solve, then design content to lead customers directly to the answers quickly. Allow them to drill down on the details from there, but allow it to be their option not their obligation.

  3. Be very clear and concise. The best web sites in general tend to do a few things really well. Trying to be all things to all prospects generally ends up doing little for anyone.

    If your target market is very divergent, then red flags should go up in terms of your web site. Trying to manage and deliver relative content to users with very different needs is extremely complex. From a company's perspective, you may have addressed each group of prospects coming to your site, but to the individuals coming to your site, it is likely chaotic and confusing.

    Design your site around the specific things you do very well and focus content on customer pain-point solutions for those areas. For example, even though the whole of your market may be very different, there may be commonalities among all of them. Focus in on these commonalities.

    If you must address the various groups, consider breaking out the divergent groups into multiple web sites specific to each group using different domains and messaging narrowed to those prospects and how your products solve their pain-points.

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