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Success Tips
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Success Tips

Transform yourself and your company into a high-performance business with expert advice and tips on business performance, strategy, leadership, and information management.

Here, you will find many valuable resources, articles and tips to help you and your company succeed. We share our knowledge and skills to help you and your company to successfully improve performance, efficiency, and direction.

With today's companies transforming themselves from product-centric to customer-centric and mantras like "360 degree view of the customer", "co-creation", and "customer value", the one thing often forgotten in this transformation is the company's web site. Does your web site say customer-centric?

On a daily basis, we all are continually overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and decisions that need to be made. It's no wonder why emails can be lost or responses delayed when you have to read, listen, and respond to so much in a single day. Here's a tip to solve your Inbox dilemma.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when one of NetSuite’s JavaScript-based functions (or API) does not return the expected result, performs an unexpected behavior due to an inadvertent update or maintenance release by NetSuite, or is deprecated for newer APIs. Protect against unexpected behavior and add your own layer of management to the underlying NetSuite code, by implementing a “wrapper” library as part of your overall framework.

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