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White Papers

Stay up to date and find information that can help you make informed decisions on topics from information management, business process, technology, strategy, and services management.

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This whitepaper identifies particular trends taking place around CRM as a business strategy and the evolution to the next generation strategic CRM. A must for anyone considering a CRM initiative as well as those planning to update their current CRM strategy.

Product companies often under-estimate the challenges of developing a Professional Services organization in a product-centric organization. This whitepaper discusses the common mistakes and important considerations product companies must make when planning and developing a Professional Services organization.

This paper provides companies with tips and benefits for utlizing interim resources during both good and tough times. This paper is a must for any company considering the need to utilize multi-disciplined expertise and seasoned experience to drive forward projects and strategies without having to commit to fulltime resources or overhead.

The role of Customer Management is changing. If your company still views CRM as the sole responsibility of your Sales, Marketing, and Support organizations, then you may be missing out on more than you think. Is your Customer Management strategy one of containment or expansion?

While business automation can have a positive impact on improving performance, true benefits come when processes can be optimized and aligned to match company objectives and business needs. This paper provides executives with an action plan for improving business performance through process automation and optimization.

This strategy paper identifies the need for understanding the CRM and the cost to implement and maintain a true CRM strategy. For anyone planning or developing a CRM strategy, this is a must-read.

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