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Case Study: CRM/ERP Strategy & Implementation - Vyatta
About Vyatta

Vyatta has changed the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open-source router and firewall solution. Vyatta solutions combine the features, performance, and reliability of an enterprise router and firewall with the cost savings, flexibility, and security of open source to introduce new levels of economics, choice, and control into the network.

Vyatta asked Centricity Systems to advise them on available integrated CRM, quote, order, and accounting management solutions and to provide support and enhancement to the selected solution.

What They Say

"Centricity Systemsí unique understanding into all aspects of the business, from marketing and pre-sales, to post-sales support, order management, channel and customer management, has been absolutely invaluable. They helped us to understand our options and implement the right solution for our company, Their experience and advice continues to provide Vyatta with tremendous value."
Michael Fox, VP Services and Operations, Vyatta, Inc.

What We Did
  • Advised executives on available Customer Information Management solution options.
  • Developed comprehensive solution analysis and recommendation.
  • Helped implement, customize, and enhance various solution areas.
  • Continue to provide administrative support, customization and enhancements.
Key Results
  • Advisory consultation and analysis allowed Vyatta to quickly formulate a solution decision.
  • Automated complex workflow.
  • Automated specialized workflow needs through enhancements and customizations.
  • Developed user documentation for support of enhancements.
The Challenge

As a burgeoning new start-up, Vyatta wanted to do what most start-ups fail to do - get as much of their systems and processes defined and automated so their valuable resources can focus on core business responsibilities. As part of this plan, Vyatta wanted to implement a system that could integrate and meet the needs of their sales, marketing, and support (CRM), but also include integration with order management, accounting, shipping, and inventory management.

As an emerging start-up, the company wanted to insure that the solution would realistically fit their current size and structure yet scale smoothly as company demand increased and business continued to grow.

The Results

Centricity Systems conducted interviews with Vyatta executives and stakeholders, helped map out strategic business processes, and evaluated potential solutions. A comprehensive recommendation of available solutions was developed and presented to Vyatta.

As a result, Vyatta selected a CRM/ERP solution that matched their needs and growth plans and Centricity Systems provided implementation services. The solution is used by all Vyatta business units, customers, and partners. Centricity Systems continues to provide Vyatta with ongoing process improvements, customization, and enhancements.

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