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Case Study: Support & Channel Performance - Colubris Networks
About Colubris Networks

Colubris Networks understands the endless opportunities inherent in wireless LAN (WLAN) technology and delivers intelligent WLAN solutions that optimize mobility and performance for the world's largest wireline and wireless carriers, and leading enterprises and institutions in the hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare markets.

Colubris asked Centricity Systems to help them evaluate their support and channel organization and infrastructure and provide recommended change improvements.

What We Did
  • Interviewed customers, partners, and employees to gain different perspectives on issues.
  • Reviewed internal processes and systems for inefficiencies.
  • Analyzed collected data and formulated 26-point recommendation proposal.
  • Presented findings and recommendations to executive team.
Key Results
  • Recommended several "low-hanging fruit" solutions with zero to little cost or time to implement.
  • Recommended organizational changes focused on improving support of channel partners.
  • Identified major changes to systems and processes and recommended best course of action to correct.
  • Identified areas where company was spending money but achieving no value and made corrective recommendations.
The Challenge

Colubris sells its products worldwide through a complex multi-tiered channel distribution network. The intricate global network of distributors, resellers, and partners has made it difficult for the company to validate and support various channel partners and customers. In addition, the company recognized that its infrastructure for validating and managing customer and channel support was fragmented and rife with process bottlenecks.

The Results

Centricity Systems conducted a series of interviews with Colubris employees, customers, and channel partners to gain an insight into each unique perspective to find what was working and what could be improved. Centricity Systems also compared competitor models and reviewed the business processes of Colubris to understand and identify any inefficiencies or redundancies.

As a result, Centricity Systems developed a comprehensive 26-point, findings and recommendations report and presented it to the Colubris executive team. The report outlined the findings and identified problems and presented recommended changes and improvements rated from minimal effort/cost "low-hanging fruit", to high-value changes to process, systems, and organization.

View PDF version of this case study.

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