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Case Study: CRM & Operations Mgmt - BlueNote Networks
About BlueNote Networks

BlueNote Networks' award-winning SessionSuite® family of Business Communications Platforms deliver a rich set of voice, video and other interactive communication services as an integral part of an enterprise IT applications architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

BlueNote asked Centricity Systems to help define and implement an integrated strategy to support customer relationship management, operations, and financial management.

What They Say

"Centricity Systems' help in assessing our system needs, evaluating our options and making a recommendation for our CRM/order management system was extremely valuable."
Stephen Maffeo, Chief Financial Officer, BlueNote Networks

What We Did
  • Conducted needs and process analysis with each business unit.
  • Developed business unit workflows and processes and established inter-unit processes.
  • Conducted evaluation of potential solutions matching requirements.
  • Produced recommendation complete with TCO projections.
  • Managed implementation of solution to all business units.
  • Provided ongoing user training, support, and customizations.
Key Results
  • Fully integrated CRM/order management/accounting system.
  • Implemented in under 3 months.
  • All users trained prior to launch.
  • Ongoing training and help through user guides and online help system.
The Challenge

As an early-stage start-up, the company was using separate systems for managing accounting, inventory, and lead/opportunity management. They also were in need of adding customer support case management and a self-service customer support portal.

BlueNote wanted to implement a strategy that would optimize its ability to manage sales, services, and marketing (CRM) while also linking and automating, where possible, operations and financial management. BlueNote wanted to keep costs for implementing and administering such an initiative relative and realistic to the company's early-stage structure and size while insuring ample room to scale up as the company grew.

The Results

Centricity Systems conducted a series of interviews with BlueNote executives and evaluated several potential solution vendors. An analysis of vendors, total cost of ownership projections, and recommended solution was presented to the executive team which selected an on-demand hosted CRM/ERP.

Centricity Systems worked with each business unit to successfully implement and customize the solution to match the unit's desired workflow and processes, and to train users on the system. Centricity Systems also provided ongoing administration and support.

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