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Case Study: Web Enablement - Racing Electronics
About Racing Electronics

Racing Electronics manufactures and supplies a complete line of Race Communication products and accessories, and has been serving the professional driver and pit crew as well as the race fan for over 20 years.

Racing Electronics asked Centricity Systems to help improve their web commerce capabilities and improve their end-to-end fulfillment process.

What They Say

"Centricity Systems' took our web store from the dark ages to one of the most sophisticated. We continue to use their expertise and to help us improve our other partner web stores. I would highly recommend them."
Dave Ryan, Executive Director, Racing Electronics

What We Did
  • New shopping catalog and cart management system for the web.
  • New desktop system for building and updating web catalogs and processing orders.
  • Web-based order configurator.
Key Results
  • Significantly reduced order callbacks so sales could focus on account management activities.
  • Automated end-to-end ordering process from web to fulfillment, notably reducing errors and fulfillment delays.
  • Dramatically increased customer experience and improved order response satisfaction.
The Challenge

The products sold by Racing Electronics are highly configurable, requiring the selection of several options during the order process. Their current commerce solution did not allow products to be configured. The order process was also manual. As web orders were placed, they were emailed to inside sales representatives who then checked and corrected errors, called back customers to finalize the configuration, and then re-entered the order manually into the back-end fulfillment system.

As a result, customers could not order what they wanted and the company's sales team was spending the bulk of their time dealing with order correction and re-keying orders into the fulfillment system.

The Results

Centricity Systems designed a new web-based ordering system that provided an intuitive interface that allowed customers to fully configure their orders online, substantially reducing the need for sales representatives to call back customers to complete orders. Sales Representative could now spend their time focusing on account management and sales.

Centricity Systems also designed a desktop application that interfaced the online web order system with the company's backend order and fulfillment system, completely streamlining the entire order to fulfillment process and notably reducing order errors and fulfillment delays.

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