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Interim Management and Strategy
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Interim Management and Strategy

Interim management provides the bridge between a company’s need to rapidly install leadership and execute near-term strategies and goals, and its desire to seek out and recruit the right individual to fill the role permanently.

With experience gained from many engagements across multiple industries, Centricity Systems’ expertise offers companies strategic and tactical value at every stage of their business growth, bringing a broad range of fresh ideas and perspectives that most professional functional managers are not exposed to.

Unlike some providers, our interim management services are not designed as a means to obtain a permanent role. We specifically partner with clients to provide short-term management and leadership in key roles that can insure critical strategies and organizational development continues to move forward while allowing you the time and focus to recruit and fill the role permanently at the right time in your growth strategy.

Interim management and leadership services are formed around your specific needs and timeframe. Examples of past interim management services include:

  • Organizational Strategy and Development (Customer Support, Professional Services, Sales Operations)
  • Restructuring, Turnaround and Change Management
  • Project and Operations Management
  • Start-up Infrastructure Development and Support
  • Business-wide Operational and Engagement Process Development (CRM, ERP, Customer-centricity)
  • Web Operations, Content Management and eCommerce Strategy/Development
  • Recruitment and Succession Management

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