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Business Consulting Services
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Business Consulting Services

Centricity Systems is an independent consulting firm specializing in helping clients in the effective use of Process and Information technology to solve complex problems, improve operations, and implement streamlined efficiencies in a cost-conscious manner.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you in any of the following areas:

To maintain effective performance, executives must ensure that they not only communicate strategies and directions, but that every level of the business is aligned around them.

High-performance results from well designed and executed business process at all levels of the company. Centricity Systems understands the importance of good process design and can help you rapidly analyze, design, and solve even your most complex problems in a cost-conscious manner.

Savvy companies realize that proper planning and execution are paramount to achieving long term success with NetSuite®. Centricity Systems offers services to help companies avoid the complexities and successfully plan, deploy, train, customize, and support NetSuite to gain long-term value and benefits that might not otherwise be possible.

From full-scale implementation management to services that complement your in-house skills, we can provide the right level of expertise to match your needs.

High performing companies know the undeniable benefits of making Customer Information Management (CIM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a core business strategy. How a business coordinates customer information and collaborates across business units and channels is essential to driving business profitability, identifying its most profitable opportunities, and achieving a true 360-degree view of its customers.

Centricity Systems has over 20 years of experience guiding companies to understand and implement a business-wide customer information management strategy and to successfully deliver on the objectives of CRM and other customer-centric programs and initiatives.

Today's successful companies know that you can't shortcut your way to high-performance. Companies that try to cut steps quickly realize the effects: silo'd information sharing, redundant systems, and costly delays and missteps.

From IT system consolidation, to business process design, to custom Web and application development, to full-scale enterprise content strategy and management, Centricity Systems has been helping companies create efficient and effective collaboration, commerce, and information management solutions that can facilitate innovation, responsiveness, and consistency across the company or across the globe.

Interim management provides the bridge between a company’s need to rapidly install leadership and execute near-term strategies and goals, and its desire to seek out and recruit the right individual to fill the role permanently.

With experience gained from many engagements across multiple industries, Centricity Systems’ expertise offers companies strategic and tactical value at every stage of their business growth, bringing a broad range of fresh ideas and perspectives that most professional functional managers are not exposed to.

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